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Rules for fishing on the water included under the fishing permit

The fishing permit gives access to fishing on the areas in Skanderborg Lake, Henning/Lille sø, Døjsø and Vrold Vestermose, that are not highlighted in red.
At Skanderborg Sø and Henning Sø, it is allowed to fish from boat and shore.
At Svanesø, Døjsø and Vrold Vestermose only shorefishing is allowed.
The fishing permit only gives access to angling with rod and line. Leaving fishing equipment while fishing is not allowed.
Kids and youngsters below the age of 18 are allowed to fish free of charge and without signing any memberships in the water that is included under Skanderborg Angler Association (Skanderborg Lystfiskerforening).
All anglers in the agerange of 18 – 67 years must hold a state fishing license and a fishing permit to Skanderborg Sø.
Within a distance of 100 meters from the bathhouse and the temporary lakebath, fishing is prohibited.
Course fishing contests must be notified to and approved by the municipality through Skanderborg Angler Association. Prebaiting must be limited to a maximum of 0,5 kg per angler per day.
Prebaiting may have a negative effect on the environment, and should be avoided in Vrold Vestermose, Døjsø and Svanesø.
Rushes and reeds may not be damaged, also if landing at the shore by boat.
The public rules on closing season and size limits must be complied to, unless otherwise is specified in these rules.
Every angler has a baglimit of 2 pike, 2 laketrout, 2 pikeperch (zander) and 2 bream, while grasscarp, common carp and mirror carp must be handled with care and released unharmed.
For all other species, excluding the species listed above, a total baglimit of 10 kg per angler applies. 
It is recommended to release all predatory fish unharmed, as these have a positive impact on the environmental condition of the lakes. All fish that are taken from the lake must be used for human consumption.
Violation of these rules may result in the angler being expelled immediately and without refund of any and all permit fees.
Directions given by the fisheries inspectors must be adhered to immediately.
Please keep your distance to larger flocks of birds resting on the lakes, as these should not be disturbed unnecessary. Take a detour or select other fishing grounds, and leave the birds alone to rest and eat.
The surplus from the sale of fishing permits will primarily be used to initiatives aimed at enhancing the population of fish in Skanderborg Lake and its tributaries, maintenance of fishing grounds, restoring of potential spawning streams, and other initiatives that may improve the environment and accessibility in and around the lakes.

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